A lot of you know what happened to Linda and me at the end of April — and since. I’ve told the tale in spurts and spots, but haven’t kept an ongoing record of events.

I’m a journalist, but a horrible keeper of journals. I’ve attempted over the years to keep daily journals, knowing that journals are good writing exercises and important for maintaining memory. But inevitably, the journals get fewer and fewer updates, languish, then cease. Like a lot of blogs, I know.

Anyway, over beer and sandwiches the other night, a friend and local SPJ leader asked if I’d been keeping a journal of events since the April 27 tornado exploded our home of nearly seven years.

You know the answer, right?

So, this will be my attempt to keep the record of Linda and Sonny’s Excellent Adventure, 2014 version. Look for the next chapter later this week.



About salbarado

Journalist since 1972. Society of Professional Journalists member since 1979. Past SPJ offices: Greater MidSouth Pro Chapter president; SPJ Region 12 director, 2006-2011; SPJ President 2012-13, SPJ Foundation (formerly SDX Foundation), secretary 2018-present. Member of Investigative Reporters & Editors since 1988. City Editor, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, mid-2012 to mid-2013. Projects Editor, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 7.31.2007 to 1.31.2020 .
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